10 WordPress Plugins Just for Fun

10 WordPress Plugins Just for Fun

You can add fun factor to your site or blog using plugins from this article (kindly taken from www.cms2cms.com/blog/). Image courtesy master1305, via bigstockphoto.com

The time you’ve enjoyed wasting can’t be classified as time wasted.

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Truth be told, we all are not always serious and focused on everyday problems and business running. WordPress is no different. There is a pool of fun plugins to be found in the WP plugin repository aiming to squeeze some fun in your site. In this post we’ve compiled a list of 10 crazy, foolish and utterly useless WordPress plugins that can be used to add fun factor to your site or blog. If you know of any other futile, mind-boggling or just fun WordPress plugins, feel free to add them to the comments below.

Barrel Roll

Is there anything more useless than a webpage that spins? The Barrel Roll plugin enables you to add that little trick to your WordPress website. Once the plugin is activated – just enter the text barrel roll in the text field and get ready to see how the whole page rotates 360°.


Asteroids Widget

Turn your site into the game of Asteroids with the help of Asteroids Widget plugin. This is sort of a game in which you can destroy the whole contents of your page by flying around and shooting them. Don’t worry, everything comes back to normal after a page is refreshed.


Find yourself tired enough of the old text CAPTCHAs? Have a go with supercool CAPTCHA Garb plugin and throw an image captcha at the comment bot. The images are split into 4 pieces that can be dragged and dropped to solve the puzzle. There are as many as 58 puzzle images to pick from. Besides, you can even upload your own collection of images directly from the admin interface.


Create eye-catching canvas on your web blog by using WP Doodle Drawing Plugin. The plugin allows to select images from gallery page, edit them using different drawing tools and save those doodles as images. The drawing board is at the disposal of your visitors too.



This plugin provides its users with an opportunity to share their favorite new music with their users by embedding music players, video players, tunewidgets, email collectors on WP blog or website. The player is compact and fast, and you can create shortcodes to play singles or playlists.

Fun Facts

The plugin adds a sidebar widget that displays interesting, useless, weird and wonderful random fun facts. It also makes it possible to add your own fun facts to the fact base of the plugin through the settings tab.

Mind Reader

This is really weird one. Get ready to do a little math in this plugin. Here’s how it works:

  • Think of a 2 digit number (e.g. 25).
  • Subtract the sum of the two digits from the number (like 25 minus (2+5) that is 25-7=18
  • Find the symbol that corresponds to this number.
  • Concentrate on this symbol and then click on the magic square. Get ready to be amazed to find out the same symbol on which you were concentrating.

Get ready to be amazed to find out the same symbol on which you were concentrating.


PlayThru CAPTCHA Replacement

This plugin is a free and fun CAPTCHA alternative that doesn’t offer any images, codes, math, puzzles to users. Instead, it’s a set of quick, simple small games which users can play during sign up process. Besides, its also stops spam and bots.

LogOut Roulette

Ready to try your luck? Install the Logout Roulette plugin – and every time you reload your WP admin area, there’s a little (1 in 10) chance you’ll be logged out. Not only does the plugin seemingly randomly kick users out of the admin area, it also hides itself from all users except the one that installed it.

DoppelMe Avatars


So, that was a list of the most crazy and astonishing WordPress plugins. Remember, even while running a serious web project, there’s always time for having fun!