Search Engine Optimization Jokes That Will Make Any SEO Laugh

Search Engine Optimization Jokes That Will Make Any SEO Laugh

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Working in SEO can sometimes be frustrating and humorless. Google might not always answer your prayers and the guy with inferior content might edge ahead of you in the rankings by using dirty SEO tactics (we’re looking at you and WikiHow). Your client may demand top rankings in a day even though the best SEO campaigns can take months for those kinds of results. If you’re an SEO fan or are perhaps a little stressed out about it as of late, these jokes will give you the laugh you need to get through the day and remember why you love your work.


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Optimize Your Fun and Your Career

Sometimes the best way to de-stress is to just laugh about what you’re doing. Work hard but don’t take things too seriously, especially yourself. However, if you felt like these jokes went over your head but are still interested in SEO, trying taking some courses so you can be on the inside next time. SEO is a field rich in opportunities since 100% of marketers in the world now value Search Engine Marketing and Optimization despite competition from PPC. In fact, the average company is planning to increase SEO spending in the coming year. You might want to consider a career in it if you’re especially intrigued and are looking to make up to $66,000 with an entry-level position! Now hold that thought while we check our rankings for SEO jokes…