7 Prototyping Tools for Web Designers

7 Prototyping Tools for Web Designers

Prototyping tools can help us solve design problems before writing even a single line of code. Kate Dagli has selected 7 of them. This article is originally from HongKiat, design weblog for designers, bloggers and tech users. Feature image courtesy of ronstik via Bigstockphoto

Do you know the difference between wireframe, mockup and prototype? These three terms are often used interchangeably to mean the same thing. The problem is, you shouldn’t.

A wireframe is a static, low-fidelity depiction of a design. It provides an outline of a demeanour or figure of a due design, though not a functionality or feel. A mockup provides a larger volume of information. Mockups are mid- to high-fidelity depictions of a due design. Mockups are also static, and they do not infer interactivity.

Prototypes, on a other hand, are dynamic. They can represent your final pattern to roughly any grade of fact we choose. A antecedent can even be tested as if it were a tangible finish product, given it can yield a same demeanour and feel. Of a three, a one that would make a many of an sense would be a prototype.

How to Build a Prototype

Now, a idea of a antecedent is to accurately infer comparison pattern features. Prototypes for web or app applications are typically grown in three stages:

  1. The page flows (how a user competence navigate) are sketched out.
  2. Several low-fidelity versions of any page are built and usability tested.
  3. From lessons learned, sum are combined to emanate a high-fidelity indication of your due design.

In this post, we will be check out a few prototyping collection that can assistance palliate a process, make things easier and for we to shake out prototypes a lot faster. Here are 7 prototyping collection to try out.


InVision is according to Forbes nearby a tip of a list of private cloud companies in a world, alongside luminaries such as Slack, Dropbox, and MailChimp. This respect is due in partial to InVision’s “always-on” platform, that creates collaboration, feedback, and a building of high-fidelity prototypes so easy.



Whether we need a click-through wireframe, or a fully-interactive UX prototype, Pidoco will get we there quickly, and but fuss. Starting with a easy sketching feature, we can build a set of custom templates, emanate a interactive elements we need, present your prototype to others, and wait their feedback – that should not be prolonged in coming.


Pidoco gives we all indispensable to build low-fidelity prototypes to appeal quick, up-front feedback, or high-fidelity models carrying a same demeanour and feel as your due web or app design. This apparatus will even beget specification documents that can offer as blueprints for group members, or can be presented to clients for sign-off.


Proto.io will be an ideal choice if you’re in need of a peculiarity prototyping apparatus to support we with your mobile app pattern activities. Proto.io is a dedicated mobile prototyping height that runs on many browsers, requires no coding, and enables we to deploy fully-interactive mobile app prototypes andsimulations that have a demeanour and feel of a genuine thing.


Three collection mix to make adult this tool: a dashboard, an editor, and a player. The dashboard serves as your master control and plan manager. The editor consists of a set of collection to obey your pattern and build in a interactions. With a player, we can perspective your antecedent on your web browser, correlate with it, appeal feedback, and exam it on genuine mobile devices. If mobile app pattern is your thing, this is a apparatus for you.


For anyone looking for an all-in-one design, prototyping, and growth tool, a hunt ends here. First of all, with Webflow, we can build and exam a high-fidelity prototypes we need to support your pattern efforts. But here’s where a disproportion comes in – all we build is powered by production-ready HTML/CSS and JavaScript. The result?


You can seamlessly pierce from a fully-interactive antecedent to a grown product. Prototype, pattern and growth come in a same package, that also includes a claim partnership facilities and capabilities. And by a way, everything is responsive as well.


This specialty prototyping apparatus pack was grown with a PowerPoint user in mind. PowerMockup is in fact a PowerPoint appendage that we can use to create wireframes and mockups for websites, desktop apps, or mobile apps. It’s simply a matter of selecting shapes and pattern elements from a PowerMockup library, and dropping them onto a PowerPoint slide.


Then, we can use PowerPoint’s slideshow and animation facilities to preview your pattern with others. You can supplement your possess shapes and elements to a library as well, and share them with other PowerPoint users if we wish.


Lucidchart is an online focus featuring a library of pattern elements and device types from that we can fast build wireframes or mockups of your website or mobile app designs. It has a clean, user-friendly interface, and it facilities drag and dump technology, interactive proof capabilities, and a covering record that allows we to build highly-complex simulations.


Lucidchart is also a accessible apparatus for creating professional-looking plan workflow diagrams and flowcharts, and a partnership facilities work uniformly and are easy to use.


Emulating a design’s due UX can infrequently benefaction challenges. That’s because we need HotGloo. With a outrageous element library and UI widget gallery, export and share facilities as good as partnership with group members it gets we started in roughly no time.


If we have any questions or need any assistance they have a full support as good as helpful video tutorials and live webinars available. Create your prototypes right in your browser, share them or preview them on any mobile device. You can even export your work to HTML. Wireframing prototyping has never been easier and some-more fun!

Wrapping it up

There is copiousness to select from this list from collection dedicated to special purposes, to an all-in-one apparatus that is really value a look. These are all top-quality tools, so there’s no risk involved, and we can always perspective a demo or ask for a giveaway trial.

These products have a vast user base. They are used by or endorsed by vital companies. So no matter that one we might choose, you’ll find yourself in good company. Whether we are looking for a mockup, wireframe, or prototyping tool, we will find a apparatus for your needs above.