Magento Enterprise 1.14.2 is here!

Magento Enterprise 1.14.2 is here!

We’re excited to announce several new developments that expand the capabilities of the Magento platform and reinforce Magento’s leadership in accelerating business growth.

Today Magento are announcing the following:

Magento Enterprise Edition 1.14.2

Enterprise Edition 1.14.2 software is available today and includes several new features and functionality.

More Visual Merchandiser Category Sorting Rules

Five new automated product category sorting rules give Enterprise Edition merchants even more power to drive customer engagement and incremental sales from category pages. Selecting a sorting rule enables merchants to completely re-arrange a category page to feature best sellers, highest-margin products, lowest-stock items, or the newest products at the top of the category. Merchants can also sort products by color within a category to easily implement color groupings or seasonal campaigns.

As products are added, removed, or changed, the category sorting rules continue to make adjustments, so the merchandising strategy is maintained without requiring any intervention from the merchant.

Google Tag Manager

Magento Enterprise Edition 1.14.2 now comes with Google Tag Manager so merchants can more easily add tracking tags to a Magento site for audience measurement, personalization, retargeting, search engine marketing, and more without modifying code.

Using Google Tag Manager can enable faster time to market for new marketing campaigns because marketers can add tags on their own, without waiting for IT. It can also enable more accurate data collection, which supports stronger campaigns and better marketing results.

Another benefit is that Google Tag Manager can directly transfer shopping events to Google Analytics™ Enhanced Ecommerce and other third-party analytics solutions, giving merchants a clearer picture of how well their site, products, and promotions are working.

Other Technology Updates

Magento Enterprise Edition 1.14.2 includes the latest versions of the Zend 1 Framework and Redis integration, as well as refinements to full-page caching that enable more pages to be served from cache. The release also includes many quality enhancements.

Magento Community Edition 1.9.2 is Coming Soon!

Magento Community Edition 1.9.2 will be available to download in the next few weeks and will include underlying technology updates, along with many product quality enhancements. Stay tuned for more information once the new version is released.

2. Magento Mobile Software Development Kit for iOS

The Magento Mobile SDK enables Enterprise Edition merchants to more easily create a full-featured Magento iOS app that includes all the important ecommerce features businesses expect, such as the checkout process, customer accounts, promotions, and store credits, as well as an API for connecting the app to a Magento store.

The SDK provides a full library of resources that helps significantly reduce development effort and time to market when creating custom iOS applications for the Magento platform.

Also a sample, fully-functioning iOS app is provided to help merchants quickly learn how to use the SDK, and they can even choose to customize the sample app to accelerate development of their own applications.

3. Automated Functional Testing Framework

Both Magento Enterprise Edition and Magento Community Edition merchants can now access nearly 170 automated functional tests, which can help improve implementation quality and time to market by making it easier to do basic acceptance testing when adding extensions, making customizations, or upgrading.

4. New Relic Partnership

New Relic, a leading software analytics provider, is now a Magento Gold Technology Partner. Magento will soon release a New Relic Reporting extension that will give merchants visibility into their hosting environment health and application performance, so they can quickly identify the root cause of issues and consider new ideas for improving site performance. Magento Customer Support can also leverage this information when enabled to help resolve issues faster.

The extension will also allow merchants to create customized dashboards in New Relic Insights to track Magento order activity, average order value, catalog size, installed modules, and more so that they can get a better understanding of how site configuration and performance influence conversion. Magento merchants can learn more and sign up for a free trial by visiting the Magento information page onNew Relic.

5. Lagrange Systems Partnership

Lagrange Systems, another new Magento Gold Technology Partner, has a solution for improving web application performance and availability in cloud deployments, ensuring merchants can provide an optimal customer experience no matter where they host their sites. Their CloudMaestro solution proactively optimizes website performance, dynamically scales with traffic demands, increases cloud throughput, and self-heals server resources to help ensure cloud-hosted Magento sites have the capacity they need—even during periods of peak demand.

To learn more about Magento Enterprise Edition 1.14.2 and how it can help merchants accelerate their growth, review the release notes. To start using this new version, visit the My Account page to download the software today.