5 Best Services to Create a Business Website

5 Best Services to Create a Business Website

Looking for the best website builders? The services included here let you make a business website with minimal technical technical knowledge. This article is written by Howard Steele (original is here: instantshift.com). He works for SuperbWebsiteBuilders.com. InstantShift is leading design and inspiration related community for web designers and developers daily resource, inspiration and premium web design and development. Featured image courtesy of Angela_Waye via Bigstockphoto

It is close to impossible to imagine a reputable business without a website nowadays. The larger your business is and the more expectations you have, the more functional and visually appealing your website should be.

 A business website is like a visiting card of your company – the one that accomplishes several missions at a time. By launching a website, you pursue different goals. To start with, you establish reliable online presence for your business, boosting its popularity and increasing customer trust. Secondly, you make your business accessible far beyond the local boundaries. This is a surefire way to grow your client base and find new partners.

Finally, you popularize your services and products, which cannot but increases the amount of sales and brings the revenue. These are only a few reasons to launch a business website. Are you ready to create the one right away? Then you definitely have to try using website builders.

These services are meant for newbies and professional web developers. Your web design skills don’t matter at all here. What really matters is that you get a perfect chance to create a functional and appealing website with no hassle and notable money investment. Have a look at the most popular services you can make use of to get a quality business website today.


5 Best Services to Create a Business Website

SITE123 is a universal website builder. This means that you can use it to create any type of website you need for your business, including landing pages, blogs, portfolios, promo websites and even online stores. This cloud service is worth the attention due to the ease of use and the abundance of features it offers.

SITE123 is meant for non-techies and web design pros, who value the service because of its simplicity and impressive set of options, which include stunning responsive templates subdivided into thematic categories, 24/7 tech support, simple and understandable web design customization, free hosting, a rich choice of free fonts, social media integration possibility, free library of icons and images etc. Unlike lots of other website builders, SITE123 has the multilingual tool that provides an opportunity to create as many language versions of your website as you need for your personal or business use.

5 Best Services to Create a Business Website

Another feature that differs SITE123 from other website builders is that the cost of using the service depends upon the location a user resides in. The system has 5 plans, including the free one. You can use the latter option to test the service, because of the specific usage limitations the plan involves. If you aim at creating a full-fledged business website, then you’ll need to upgrade to another plan, having selected the features and the disk storage volume you currently need. The system allows creating any number of websites on one account.

SITE123 is a pretty nice choice for any user, irrespective of web design experience and type of website required. The service combines ease-of-use with excellent functionality and superb web design customization options. You can create one- and multi-page websites here in just a few hours. The system also allows using its multilingual tool to make your website understandable for foreign clients and business partners. These features make SITE123 a perfect web building solution.

IM Creator (XPRS)

5 Best Services to Create a Business Website

IM Creator (XPRS) is a website builder, which can be used to build various website types. However, it especially works well for eCommerce websites and portfolios. You can easily create an online store by using Stripe here. With lots of eCommerce templates to cater to the needs of your business, your products and services will be presented on the top notch level, boosting your online store popularity.

The system is user-friendly and simple, while the web building process is intuitive and hassle-free. This simplicity and no coding requirements make the service a nice choice for newbies. It provides a rich selection of pre-designed sections you can arrange at the website to create the desired structure and layout. By controlling the animation effects, image settings, use of fonts and icons etc., you give your website the required design and functionality. It’s possible to create slideshows and galleries, write blog posts and perform other actions to get the most out of the web building process here. IM Creator (XPRS) offers a mobile app, the installation of which makes it possible to update your website content on the go. This is a useful feature for businessmen.

5 Best Services to Create a Business Website

IM Creator (XPRS) works great for people of creative professions, who wish to launch websites to showcase their works. For this category of users, the system offers a free plan that comes with unlimited hosting, a rich set of responsive templates and individual domain connection. The plan doesn’t have any ads, which is definitely a benefit. IM Creator (XPRS) also has a paid Premium Plan, which is a great choice for business owners. The plan offers unlimited bandwidth and hosting, extensive web design features, 24/7 tech support etc. For those users, who would like to use the website builder under their own brand, the system offers the White Label option.

All in all, IM Creator (XPRS) is a simple yet powerful cloud website builder, which is effective and easy-to-understand. It’s possible to create different types of websites here, but it is mainly oriented on the needs of creatives and business owners. The system has three plans to meet any needs. It can be used by newbies and web design pros. What’s more, this is the most affordable and powerful white labeling offer accessible in the niche these days.

The system is used to build different types of websites, but it is mainly oriented on creatives and business owners. No coding skills are needed to create quality websites with the service. It is simple, intuitive and affordable. As of today, this is the most effective white labeling solution available in the contemporary web design market.


5 Best Services to Create a Business Website

Ucraft is a website builder, which comes with drag and drop functionality, making it possible to create different types of websites with ease and efficacy. The system is a nice choice to create landing pages and promo websites. It is also in demand with freelance web designers, who work on the creation of client projects.

This website builder doesn’t require any coding skills and, thus, it is a niche solution for newbies. At the same time, it can be used by web building pros, who value their effort and time above all, but aim at creating quality and functional websites. The system offers a nice collection of thematic responsive templates, blog writing and management options, round-the-clock tech support, free subdomain, an ability to connect any other required domain name, advanced SEO options and a set of website blocks that may be arranged at the website to get the desired layout and structure. Ucraft also makes it possible to launch multilingual websites. This feature is a must for the majority of business websites.

5 Best Services to Create a Business Website

As of today, Ucraft offers two plans only. The free plan is primarily meant for testing the system. The paid plan is a nice choice for people, who wish to use the functionality of the system to create stunning and powerful websites. The cost of the plan is $8 per month, but it’s possible to save up to 20% here and get a free custom domain by purchasing an annual plan.

Ucraft is a cloud drag and drop website builder, which is so simple, functional and affordable that any inexperienced person can learn how to use it with no waste of effort and time. The service has a collection of pre-designed responsive templates, abundance of web design customization features, a set of widgets and a multilingual option that contributes to your website success. There are two plans here, so, you won’t be bothered a lot with the choice of the suitable option.


5 Best Services to Create a Business Website

Mobirise is a website builder that initially differs from the rest of web building services reviewed in this post. This is the downloadable software, which has to be installed on your computer prior to proceeding to the creation of your website. This nuance, however, does not diminish the benefits of the website builder, which is user-friendly and simple enough to be used by newbies. The system is a perfect choice for those users, who need quality landing pages. It can also be used to create portfolios and promo websites.

Unlike other website builders, Mobirise doesn’t have any templates. Instead, it comes with several hundreds of blocks that can be arranged at the page in any order required. These blocks correspond to specific sections and include a variety of elements, namely galleries, sliders, articles, videos and photos, full-screen images, contact forms, charts, price lists, Google maps, reviews, background videos etc. Proper choice and arrangement of these blocks results in the creation of functional websites of high quality.

5 Best Services to Create a Business Website

There are no paid plans in Mobirise – the system is absolutely free. You need to buy domain name and hosting only. If you need to give your website professional look, then you won’t go without extra extensions, which are paid. However, all websites created with Mobirise look advanced even without these extensions, so, this is rather an optional variant than a must.

Mobirise is a simple, convenient and affordable website builder for personal and business use. It is easy to master and it ensures quick and hassle-free web building process. The system requires installation, but this is not a real problem for users looking for effective web building solutions. What’s more, Mobirise is free, except for the hosting and domain name. All in all, this website builder definitely deserves your attention.


5 Best Services to Create a Business Website

uKit stands out in the crowd as a perfect website builder meant for the creation of small business websites. All the options and features of the system are oriented on this goal. By using the system, you will be able to create business websites (including online stores) that will feature top notch quality, ease of use and convenience.

With uKit, the entire web building process is simple and hassle-free. There are more than 400 responsive templates here, which fall into 38 thematic sections. Whatever niche you focus on, you will surely find decent variants to choose from here. Apart from the extensive choice of templates, uKit also offers a nice selection of widgets that fall into categories. What’s more, the service comes with drag and drop eCommerce functionality, saturated color palette, impressive typography, grid-based layouts and other features that make it a perfect solution for non-techies and experienced web designers.

5 Best Services to Create a Business Website

Speaking about the pricing range, uKit has 4 plans. There is no free plan here, but the developers of the system have made it possible to test each plan for free for 14 days. This is more than enough to explore the features of the service and understand, whether it meets your needs or not. The prices are quite reasonable as well. Paying $4 per month for a Premium Plan seems quite affordable for a contemporary businessman, doesn’t it?

If your goal is to establish quality business web presence, then there is no need to look any further. With uKit, you won’t face any problems in this respect. The system is primarily oriented on the needs of small business owners, who are not that experienced in web design and coding. The service is simple, but powerful. This is what makes it the top notch solution for its current and potential users.

Bottom Line

Creation of a business website is a responsible and time-taking process. With so many nuances that have to be considered here, this task may become a challenge even for a professional web designer, not to mention a newbie. The use of website builders can help solve this problem effectively.

The systems reviewed here are initially created with the needs of users in mind. They are simple, but powerful enough to ensure successful web building process. By using them, you will create a functional and visually appealing business website in a couple of hours only. Isn’t that a tempting offer for everyone, who considers business advancement a priority?